A Good Run of Bad Luck

snowWe’ve all heard those fairy tales. Prince Charming carries the Princess up to the beautiful castle on the hill and they live happily ever after. As girls, we grow up dreaming that one day we will meet our Prince Charming; but instead of riding in on his white horse, he’ll come racing in a black Dodge Challenger. He’ll sweep you off your feet and take you to your castle, well maybe not an actual castle. The fairy tale becomes slightly different but you still have faith that one day the fairy tale will become your reality.

Eventually, you meet “Prince Charming” but as the days pass on you start realizing you’re Prince Charming is more like the Jack of Hearts. The “happily ever after” doesn’t exist. You lose faith in the fairy tale and send “Prince Charming” on his way.You find yourself listening to Taylor Swift on repeat:

That I’m not a princess, this ain’t a fairy tale,
I’m not the one you’ll sweep off her feet,
Lead her up the stairwell
This ain’t Hollywood, this is a small town,
I was a dreamer before you went and let me down,
Now it’s too late for you and your white horse to come around

originalAt the end of the day, we never really lost faith in the fairy tale. We hope that one day we find our Prince Charming and he’ll sweep us off our feet and lead us up the stairwell. We can’t lose complete faith in the fairy tale because sometimes life surprises you.

People will surprise you.

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